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daiyi replied to your photo “Btw, got my tablet to work again. First time painting in Sai in a…”

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Btw, got my tablet to work again. First time painting in Sai in a while. It’s turning out pretty good. I can’t wait to finish this Wyoming picture.
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I like believing that Slytherins did fight in the battle, fought for their home, where they grew up. They probably dropped the cloaks and ties in order to not be a target.

Slytherins levitating rubble off of students

Slytherins sending the spiders flying out windows

Slytherins using hidden passages to evacuate students

Slytherins using hidden passages to sneak up on the enemy

Slytherins with no death eater affiliations, fighting death eaters to save their friends

Slytherins with death eater affiliations going through a mental turmoil as they have to make a decision on which home means more to them, and choosing Hogwarts.

Slytherins, fighting for Hogwarts because hogwarts is home. Where they had their first crush, kiss, ghost encounter. Where they learned how to read the stars and bottle fame. Where they met the people they now call brothers and sisters.

Slytherins man. Teenagers fighting in a war that they never should have to, but doing it anyway because they protect what is theirs.